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Feb 2, 2013 7:00am EST
a new, stand-alone veterans home in northern nevada to complement the veterans home in boulder city. [applause] nevada cherishes its veterans, and these resources will help insure that our service members receive the benefits they deserve. we owe the men and women who serve our country nothing less than total victory. prison -- [applause] ladies and gentlemen, by doing all of these things we are laying the groundwork for the future of our children and their families. they are the foundation of my budget and will continue to be the primary focus of my administration. my executive budget that will be transmitted to the legislature tonight represents general fund spending of approximately $6.5 billion for the next two years which is a modest increase over my last budget. caseload growth in health and human services drives much of this increase. my commitment to k-12 education has also increased spending for our schools. but we must only allow for growth that our fragile economic recovery can bear. in this budget we've reduced the tax burden on local businesses, we've addressed increasi
Feb 9, 2013 6:00am EST
the economic privilege to move to a different city or neighborhood. that is not freedom. that is not freedom. [applause] you will never be -- you will never be free until every single one of us feels safe to express others sexually, intellectually, and spirit and support our homes, places of work. >> i'm beyond hope. i know, i know that our movement can do something extraordinary. we set our intentions behind it. i know, we will not leave any one of us behind. we must not leave any of our families or family members behind. when we win federal marriage equality, we will. we must not leave behind the 31 states that will sit need to overturn the constitutional bans on marriage equality. [applause] we must not be satisfied with some state that's have marriage and others that do not. we must not leave behind those who will choose not to get married. [applause] we must not leave behind those in the 29 states that have no protection for lgbt people. we must not leave behind those just because they adopt live in a big city can't kiss their lover on the street. we must not leave behind the transgende
Feb 23, 2013 7:00am EST
the civil-rights bill passed the city of atlanta built a sports stadium that didn't own with money and didn't have where it was located. it got the milwaukee braves to moved here to become the first professional sports team in the south. dr. king said that when negros which was the term than negated themselves from segregation, because it was right and went to the core premise of equal soles and equal votes, to the core of the constitution and the core of the scriptures it would liberate the white south. psychologically, economically, in so many other ways. so the question that i want to pose to you is the same question that drove me to say the second reason beyond the teachers, do this, try to make it salience, to get people to address the question of why is there such a tremendous disconnect between the broad liberation that has been used across the land at relatively low cost historically. people suffered and there were many markers and a lot of violence and psychic damage but for the amount of social change produced, it was remarkable civilized. it brought lots and lots of other people
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3